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Thursday, October 18, 2012

QB Rankings Week 7 - Rookies and Sophomores

Statistically, Robert Griffin III is dominating among quarterbacks from the past two draft classes. He now ranks first out of ten in each statistic tracked by these rankings: passer rating, Total QBR, ANY/A, and DVOA. See the initial post (from week 4) for details by clicking here.

This week's rankings:

Robert Griffin III (1.00)
Christian Ponder (3.25)
Andy Dalton (3.50)
Jake Locker (3.75)
Ryan Tannehill (5.75)
Andrew Luck (6.00)
Cam Newton (6.25)
Russell Wilson (6.75)
Blaine Gabbert (9.25)
Brandon Weeden (9.50)

Weeden continues to pull up the rear for rookies and Gabbert the same for sophomores.

Luck is kind of an outlier. ESPN's QBR loves him, giving him a 73.6 rating, with only Griffin better among the rookies and sophomores. However, his average ranking in the other three statistics is 7th. His NFL passer rating ranks ninth, ahead of only Brandon Weeden.

Locker's injury makes his ranking a little dicey as well, especially as the rankings do not yet incorporate playing time.

Week 7 schedules for these quarterbacks:

Redskins (Griffin) are at the Giants
Vikings (Ponder) are home vs. the Cardinals
Bengals (Dalton) are home vs. the Steelers
Titans (Locker) are at the Bills; Locker is doubtful
Dolphins (Tannehill) are on bye
Colts (Luck) are at the Browns (Weeden)
Panthers (Newton) are home vs. the Cowboys
Seahawks (Wilson) are at the 49ers today, Thursday
Jaguars (Gabbert) are at the Raiders

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