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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

QB Rankings Week 5 - Rookies and Sophomores

For week 5, DVOA has replaced DYAR as the Football Outsiders statistic, which makes the rankings more consistent, since the former is a rate stat like the other three statistics used in the rankings.

A ranking for total plays (pass attempts,  times sacked, and rushing attempts) may be added later so that the rankings also partially reflect how much a team uses their young quarterback, but is not yet included.

Again, the statistics are:
Passer rating (

The components are ranked with all 10 rookies and sophomores together. The four numbers are then averaged. Lower is better.

Rookie Ranking
1. Robert Griffin III (2.00)
2. Andrew Luck (5.00)
3. Ryan Tannehill (8.00) +1
4. Russell Wilson (8.50) -1
5. Brandon Weeden (9.50)

Tannehill's big game in a loss pushes him above Wilson, who struggled in week 4.

Sophomore Ranking
1. Andy Dalton (2.00)
2. Christian Ponder (3.25)
3. Cam Newton (4.50) +1
4. Jake Locker (4.75) -1
5. Blaine Gabbert (7.50)

Locker gets hurt and a solid effort by Newton in a loss gets him ahead.

Except for Blaine Gabbert, the sophomores continue to well outperform the rookies. However, even Gabbert ranks higher than Tannehill, Weeden, and Wilson.

The rookie class is turning out as expected, with Luck and Griffin well ahead of the rest of the class. (Luck actually holds the #1 ranking in QBR.)

Ponder's success among sophomores continues to be a surprise. He didn't do much against Detroit in week 4, though.

Overall, the sophomores are making progress, although Newton is regressing from his amazing rookie year, and Gabbert continues to struggle. The other three seem to have improved during the offseason.

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