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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

QB Rankings Week 4 - Rookies and Sophomores

The quarterbacks are:

Andrew Luck, IND
Robert Griffin III, WAS
Ryan Tannehill, MIA
Brandon Weeden, CLE
Russell Wilson, SEA

Cam Newton, CAR
Jake Locker, TEN
Blaine Gabbert, JAC
Christian Ponder, MIN
Andy Dalton, CIN

I used four statistics - NFL Passer Rating, ESPN QBR, Pro Football Reference ANY/A, and Football Outsiders DYAR - and ranked the ten quarterbacks together in each one. The average ranking for each quarterback is what produced the lists below.

Information on the statistics used can be found at,,, and

Rookie Ranking
1. Robert Griffin III (4.25)
2. Andrew Luck (5.00)
3. Russell Wilson (7.00)
4. Ryan Tannehill (9.25)
5. Brandon Weeden (9.75)

Sophomore Ranking
1. Andy Dalton (1.75)
2. Christian Ponder (2.00)
3. Jake Locker (3.25)
4. Cam Newton (6.00)
5. Blaine Gabbert (6.75)

As might be expected, the sophomores are currently outperforming the rookies. It's actually not close. Dalton, Ponder, and Locker all outrank, on average, any rookie. Tannehill and Weeden have been particularly bad.

The biggest surprise is probably Cam Newton, who would rank third among rookies and is seventh overall.

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