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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 Hall of Fame Tidbit

Here's an old post I never got around to publishing in a timely matter, but if you're a fan of baseball history, I still think that it will interest you.

The two National Baseball Hall of Fame inductees this year, Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven, only faced each other once in their careers. It was a game between Blyleven's California Angels and Alomar's Toronto Blue Jays on July 4, 1992. It was Blyleven's final season and Alomar's fifth. Alomar, and in fact most of the Jays, got the best of Blyleven and the Angels that day, as Toronto won 8-6. Alomar had a triple and a walk in 3 plate appearances vs. Blyleven.

But there was something else interesting about that game: the pitcher on the mound for Toronto that day was none other than Jack Morris. He and Blyleven have been linked for years by the annual debate over the Hall of Fame, and each has their fierce supporters. Blyleven finally got in this year, of course, but it seems that Morris will end up on the outside looking in.

Either way, turns out Morris wasn't much more effective than Blyleven that day in 1992: he allowed 6 runs in 6 innings with 2 strikeouts, while Blyleven allowed 6 runs in 4 2/3 innings with 5 strikeouts. Morris' extra 5 outs did get him the win as Toronto scored once more, off the California bullpen, before Morris departed.

It's kind of an intriguing footnote that the only time this year's inductees faced each other also happened to include Morris. At least, I think so. Let me know whether you agree or disagree.

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