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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coming from Sporcle?

If you have come to my blog via the cross-post at Sporcle, welcome. I hope you found my post to be informative. Feel free to look around the rest of the blog. (Except the "Sporcle Quiz of the Day"--coincidentally, it doesn't work.)

In my as-yet sporadic postings, I have touched on not just Sporcle but music, movies, presidents, and random minutia. And when I say minutia, I mean it: did you know that back in September, Japan realized it may not have as many old people as they thought?

Anyway, some of what I have written may interest you, some (or most) of it may not, but I plan to write a bit more now that I got a whiff of exposure from Sporcle.

If you find a post that you want to comment on, please do so. I like getting feedback, positive or negative (but not rude, thank you).

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