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Friday, September 9, 2011

The "Real" Problem with Maryland's Uniforms

For the few of those not in the know, University of Maryland Terrapins football wore these uniforms in their first game in the 2011 season:

They were met with mostly ridicule, or in the case of this site, scathing criticism.

However, there is something even more egregious going on here: they didn't even get the flag right! How do I mean?

Well, look at the uniforms again. Notice the black/gold design is on both the right shoulder pad (left side of the image) and same side of the helmet, opposite the red/white portion in both places.

Meanwhile, the Maryland flag looks like this:

Not that I care (really, I don't, this post notwithstanding), but if they wanted to get this one right, they would have flipped either the shoulder pads or the helmet on the uniform. Then the uniforms would truly mimic the flag of Maryland, from the front in the former case and from the back in the latter case.

Then again, Maryland may well never wear the uniforms again. That's probably for the best.

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