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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Ones That Were Taken

So since this "blog" is on its last legs, I looked to create a new one. I decided to find a URL first, which makes no sense. However, all the ideas I have that were already taken means that there is, somewhere, a blog with the said taken URL. So I checked each one out, looking to see when it was last updated. Needless to say, there are a bunch of people out there as inconsistent about this as I am who haven't posted in years but nevertheless HAVE TAKEN MY URL IDEA.

In exchange for, well, nothing, these people get free publicity--except for the fact that, you know, they haven't written in years plus this blog talking about something doesn't exactly equal "publicity." But without further ado:

The URL:
My Rationale: I am not French. I would never want somebody to confuse me as such. Thus, this URL would make sense.
Who Used It?: Some lady named Kristin. She's a Virgo, if you're wondering.
Their Last Post: May 26, 2008. This qualifies as "years ago" but not quite "eons ago." We'll get to that other stage momentarily.

The URL:
My Rationale: Well, they are!
Who Used It?: They don't want you to know. At least, they want you to look for their name. I don't care to do so, so I will not.
Their Last Post: April 9, 2004. Now this is "eons ago."

The URL:
My Rationale: Something to do with a fostering mother. If you know me and Latin, you'll understand... I think.
Who Used It?: Just some guy. Who shares my name. And birthday. And...
Their Last Post: Today. April 1, 2010.
Their Last Real Post: I can't really tell, actually. Most of the last ones were garbage.

The URL:
My Rationale: Very.
Who Used It?: No idea. See for yourself.
Their Last Post: Near as I can tell, no first post even. On the whole this blog looks to be actually quite the clusterbleep . . .

Anyway, not sure what URL my next failure of a blog should be. I'd ask you for ideas but a) I don't want them and b) you won't give them.

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