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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Blog Begins in Earnest

You probably won't believe this, since I've now "lied" twice in the past 3 months about starting this blog. But I've made things easy on all of us now.

I am going to break with the theme of this blog for today. The real thing starts Monday.

The Internet, generally, has a short attention span. Twitter, for example: it's based on the idea that you can say something meaningful in 140 characters. I've already blown well past that number here. That should give you an idea that I'm not going to be that ridiculously brief. This is not Twitter, and do not underestimate how good a thing that is.

It would be hard to post something every weekday, let alone entire essays. But I want to post something every day. I know what you're thinking, and no, you don't have to read it every day.

Actually, I know better than that. I'm not naive. Obviously you weren't thinking about reading it every day. But if you just read it once a week, you still only have 500 words to read.

What, you're not going to even read it once a week? Once a month?

Never mind. Read the thing anyway.

So, to recap:

I will post up to 100 words a day on this blog, from Monday through Friday. Each day may not be a separate topic. I may come up with a 500 essay and post it over the course of the week. A series could be longer, but it probably won't be much longer than a week.

Like the first post I made here stated (please read it, or re-read it, here--and yes it was months ago), I will write about anything at everything. And I really want your input, otherwise I'm wasting my time. Not yours though. I shouldn't say that, though, should I?

Next week is a musical series, on my 5 favorite albums all time. Let me know how bad my music taste is, starting on the 13th. Tomorrow, I will pose the question on everyone's mind. And by everyone's I mean mine.

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Cicero said...

Your music taste sucks!