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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's try this again...

Your participation will be needed for the effort which is about to ensue to succeed. Let's see how quickly you stop caring.

On March 23, 2006, I introduced myself to the blogosphere for the first time. The name of the blog was "History of the World Part III" and I have no idea how long it lasted because I changed the name, and I must have done so rather quickly. It's not fair to myself and the two fellas who got involved in the comments sections to say that blog failed, except, it kind of did.

But like any part of serial media that thinks it has intrinsic worth, that blog did not fail without producing spin-offs. Those spin-offs failed even more spectacularly. The first was a sports-only blog launched November 27, 2006. It did not even make it to the Colts' Super Bowl victory in February of the following year. Although it did last long enough for me to predict they would lose in the first round.

The other spin-off lasted 5 posts.

So you can see that I haven't exactly been successful or even a persistent failure regarding this whole blogging deal.

There was one more attempt I made at a blog which I have not yet discussed. And you're actually reading it. If you don't see the old posts, it's not a glitch in the Matrix or anything. I just now deleted the posts from the Internet (they are, however, in the deep recesses of my computer's hard drive).

That would make this my fifth attempt at keeping a web log. My batting average is a nice, round .000 (I think that's pretty close to what Ken Griffey's batting these days). I'm well past the alleged charm of that third time.

Let me now apologize for the very likely obtuse and already repetitive sports references.

Now, this blog might be "stuck" at a grand total of one post for some time. This will not mean I gave up in the middle of this sentence, or any of the preceding ones. Rather, it means I am waiting for a response. From the three of you who made it this far.

Actually, if it's only three of you, this will be the only post of this blog. See, I have actually not failed at all these blogs. You have. (Bye bye, I hope the three of you had fun.) Because I was writing to myself, as I suspect I am once again. Some people may not mind that, but I'm someone who likes to see a response to what I'm doing. I am, after all, the one who has released 65 quizzes on Sporcle and now considers it his greatest accomplishment in life to have a quiz published and played over 100,000 times. (This has actually just happened, by the way.)

But I digress. In short, I want your opinion. I am plastering this anywhere on the Internet I deem fit. Please let me know if you will follow this blog for at least 1 more posting after this one.

First, I suppose I should tell you what I will cover in this blog.
- History
- The Internet
- News
- Politics (Just kidding. Actually, anything political I write will instead be submitted to, so you're in luck if politics not your thing.)
- Sports
- Anything else, really (you know, movies, games, TV, etc.) but anyone who can't be interested by at least one of the above can't be interested by anything.
- What you ask me to! Yes, I will try, even if I am not knowledgeable in it, to address whatever the readers are interested in. Please don't be shy here, after all, that is a kind of response, and response is what I'm after.

Alright, now that's covered. The other question is when will I update? Well, never if that's how you want it. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, but it should be at least twice a week. Something on Monday to start off your week and on Friday to end it sounds reasonable, but we'll see.

Alright, hopefully you have made it this far (well, you have, actually, if you're reading this part). There are two types of responses I am looking for. The first is comments. Please comment on this post if you will support my efforts! The second is in the poll to the left. I have that set to close at midnight between Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I figure if nobody's saying anything by then, this thing will be over before it starts. But until then, vote and comment and tell your friends to do the same.

Let me know and I hope to TTYL.


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Your blog ideas are unbelievably boring to me. If you write about something other than sports, I'll read it. History of the World I might read...if there are explosions.